MetroCard gives virtually unlimited travel on buses and/or trains in West Yorkshire. You can travel as often as you like, any time of day, any day of the week.

As a resident at St Andrew’s View you (or a member of the household) are entitled to a FREE annual MetroCard (bus only). The face value of one of these tickets is £865 …. meaning you could be saving a significant amount of cash.

Further information on MetroCards and how one may be of benefit to you can be found on the West Yorkshire Metro website.

How to apply

Your MetroCard application pack can be requested from the Travel Plan Coordinator by emailing Contained within the pack will be further details on the scheme, including an application form. Simply complete the form and provide the relevant information, then send to Metro in the pre paid envelope provided.

What about after the first year – how much will my MetroCard cost me?

Residents at St Andrew’s View are offered a free MetroCard in the first year, but the savings don’t stop there.

  • A minimum 25% discount on a rail and bus MetroCard is available in year 2;
  • A minimum 10% discount on a rail and bus MetroCard is available in year 3.

Having received a free MetroCard Metro will contact you later in the year to find out if you wish to renew your card. Alternatively please contact Andrea Morton on 0113 251 7496.

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